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Spring 2023 Plant Sale Variety List

Littlewood Farm

Variety List
Spring Plant Sale

Monty early, heat tolerant
Eastern Magic 2nd early, stress resistant
Belstar good in Fall, abundant side shoots

Brussels Sprouts
Gladius early, with good field holding capacity

Primo Vantage Mid season, great flavor, green
Omero mid season red, peppery taste
Storage No.4 dense green heads, good processor, keeps great

Paxton heat tolerant, self wrapping

Generally Lee Slicer, productive in any weather
Sassy pickler, early, long bearing

Galine high yielding Italian
Orient Express dependable Asian, great flavor

King Richard early, frost tolerant, long shank

Starfighter heat tolerant, disease resistant green leaf
New Red Fire uniform, heavy heads, frilly leaves

Patterson long storage, hard, yellow
Redwing long storage red, sweet and spicy
Ambition shallot

Ace early, highly productive, green to red bell
Carmen Italian sweet red corno di toros
Shishito Japanese frying snack

El Jefe early, large jalapeno,
Jalafuego late, big yielding, jalapeno
Hungarian Hot Wax yellow to red, mildly hot

Racer Plus 14to 18 lb, well ribbed
Baby Pam 3 to 5 lb pie pumpkin

Summer squash
Green Machine prolific green zucchini
Multi-pik long season yellow straight neck

Galahad determinate slicer, delicious beefsteak, early
Big Beef indeterminate, disease resistant, mid season

Super Sweet 100 indeterminate red cherry
Sun Gold indeterminate orange cherry, intense flavor
Red Pearl indeterminate grape, crack resistant
Golden Sweet indeterminate grape, leaf mold resistnt

Prudens Purple early Brandywine type
Paul Robinson purple to black
Tie Dye early,outstanding flavor
Ruby Gold yellow with a pink blush, huge, low acidity
Amish Paste great flavor, high solids, needs room

Winter Squash
Bonbon buttercup
Delicata JSS
Butterscotch Butternut
Night Shift Acorn

Plant Sale 2023!

Happy May and welcome to the 2023 growing season!

Our spring plant sale starts Saturday May 12th and Sunday 13th, from 9-2 pm. We’ll be open for the next 2 weekends.

“ What’s happening at Littlewood Farm?”
It’s the 33rd annual spring plant sale. We have selected varieties, chosen to best adapt to our changeable climate. We aim to have the right sized plant, growing vigorously, timed to set in your garden when the conditions are right. We might not have everything, but you will find most of you need to give your garden a jump start for the growing season. Joey and Betsy welcome your visit. A list of plants will be posted soon to this website and Facebook.

We’ll also have our famous rhubarb plants available. This is the strain selected by Ralph Persons of Williamstown. It is amazingly productive, if well fed. Call ahead if you want a few cuttings.

Please recycle your plastic trays. Bring them along to reuse or contribute to the farm supply.

We want to congratulate Kagen and Elise (dba Blackbird Organics) as they soon purchase a land-trusted farm in Marshfield. They’ll continue to lease our crop land and some greenhouses at Littlewood Farm for the next few years. They’ll also be selling Littlewood grown rhubarb and strawberries at the local coops this season.

Joey and Spencer Hardy, one of current farm helpers, have been busy in the raspberry patch; we plan to have both summer and fall crops available for Pick-your-own.

Spencer and Jackie Huettenmoser, our two farm helpers, have put a lot of effort into improving our orchard as well. They’ll soon be getting married and in November moving onto their own land-trusted farm. So Littlewood, which is a land-trusted farm, is looking for another individual or couple ready to get started on organic farming practices. Pass this on if you know of any potential farmers. And best wishes to Spencer and Jackie!

It’s always great to see the leaves coming out. This rainy spell will help sustain our forests and fields throughout the summer. Working with plants and soil is good for the soul. May our lives continue to be so blessed.

We’re always thankful that our community and the Vermont Land Trust have made it possible for us to preserve this special place for the future.

The Strawberry Moon brings the start of market season!

Happy summer Littlewood lovers! This Tuesday the Strawberry Moon will be full (best observed Monday night) and the harvests are here to match. It has been a delight to deliver the season’s early pints to our local co-ops and see the joy of farmer’s market shoppers digging right into them. We are grateful for the local support we and other VT farms receive that allows us to sell our berries  so quickly and directly after harvest. This allows us to choose varieties with the best flavors and the difference is unmistakable. Just another way everyone wins in a localized, organic food system.

We would like also to extend our gratitude to everyone who supported our seedling sale. We had another great year of faces familiar and new coming to the greenhouse to get a jump on their gardens. It seems the warm, dry May led to lots of you getting plants in earlier than usual and so we have decided to end full-services greenhouse hours for the season. We still have plenty of healthy tomatoes, sweet peppers, and annual flowers, which will be for sale at the farmers markets and by the honor system. Fall broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower will be available this first week in July. Feel free to call or text if you want to check on the availability of anything specific.

On that note, we are off to pick for markets. We will have Strawberries, bagged greens, bunched greens, and every more as the season goes on. We look forward to catching up with you there:

  • Waterbury Market: Thursdays 4-7
  • Plainfield Market: Fridays 4-7
  • Montpelier Market: Saturdays 9-1

Fall Update

Between the maturing winter squash, the sowing of cover crops, and mornings that tempt the rekindling of our wood stove, it is beginning to feel a lot like fall on the farm.

While there is still a little bit of summer left on the calendar, we have certainly had a summer’s worth of heat and many of the crops are are showing it.  The Virtual Farmers Market page is beginning to fill out with fall offerings and we are saving the summer’s bounty in jars as much as possible.  We are taking orders now for sauce tomatoes ($20 for a 10lb flat) and bulk cherry tomatoes ($36 for a 12pint flat), which can be made into sauce or dried with olive oil and salt into an incredible ingredient for your kitchen.  We are also prepared for another wave of pesto making with bulk basil boxes available at $25/bushel or $15/half bushel.  We hope to offer bulk winter squash, potatoes, onions, beets and carrots as well this year a little later on.

Oven-dried cherry tomatoes
Oven-dried cherry tomatoes



Harvest season & Bulk Basil Boxes!

Hey all!

Midsummer crops are coming into fruition, giving us a wider variety of fresh vegetables to enjoy. The Solanaceous crops (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) have been doing quite well in this heat. Last week we combined some eggplant, tomato, summer squash, potato, basil, dill, and red wine to make a delicious ratatouille. Highly Recommend!

The basil is coming into form and we are ready to begin taking bulk orders. we are offering 3# boxes, for $16.
We also have #20 (6-8 heads) cases of cabbage available if you are the saurkrauting or kimchi-ing type for $20.

We will offer these on a “first come first served” basis. Please contact us at (802)881-3240 or at to order.  We will contact you early in the week to let you know it’s available and bring it to the Plainfield Farmers Market on Friday for pick up.


Littlewood Farm 2018

There is some big news here at Littlewood Farm this spring!  Under the guidance of Joey and Betsy, two young farmers are taking the reins and carrying on the legacy of Littlewood Farm.  We feel honored at the opportunity to work this land that has flourished under Joey and Betsy’s stewardship and excited to meet the community that has so strongly supported local, organically grown food for decades.  We will be selling our produce through the Plainfield Community Coop, the Plainfield Friday Farmers Market, and Hunger Mountain Coop.  We are currently filling up our greenhouses with seedlings for the 2018 Spring Plant Sale, which will begin May 12 and be open weekends 9-2 and
 weekdays 4-6 (other times “by chance or appointment”).  We truly hope you will stop by for your garden needs or just to introduce yourself to your new neighborhood farmers.
We look forward to meeting you,
Kagen Dewey and Elise Magnant

Littlewood Farm Kale and Chard available at Hunger Mt. Coop

We have reached that time of year again when our farming efforts are focused on growing for local wholesale distribution.  We have started picking and shipping green kale, red Russian kale, purple kale, collards, and rainbow Swiss chard.  We hope you will enjoy the great taste and health benefits of these leafy greens.

Our Greenhouse Plant Sale is over.  Thanks to all who found their way here and bought our plants.  All our plants are grown in Vermont Compost Company potting soil, which  has yielded terrific results once again.  Thanks are due to Karl Hammer and his his crew for such a reliable product.

We no longer grow strawberries for Pick-Your-Own.  I am growing some for my own freezer, and if I have any extra will sell them through the Plainfield Coop.  Dog River Farm, south of Montpelier on Rt. 12, is the nearest PYO operation.



Spring 2016 Greenhouse Sale Opens Saturday May 14th

We have grown a very nice set of seedlings for this year’s sale.  Seedlings are sized to transplant  well at the appropriate time.  A seedling unchecked in its growth curve gives the best best results, and as does setting the seedling out into the best conditions for that plant type.  Onions, leeks, lettuce, chard, and cabbage family can go out earliest.  Heat loving plants have to wait for the end of May, when the soil warms to 60 degrees .   Tomatoes, corn, cukes and squash go out the third week.   Peppers and melons do best to wait for the first week of June.

So stop by the greenhouse sale.  We are open weekends 9 to 2, weekdays 4 to 6 pm.  Other times by chance or appointment.  Bring a friend, but please leave your dog at home.  We are located at the end of Recreation Field Road in Plainfield.  802-454-8466.


OnionsKale starts

Spring 2016 Update

Spring has sprung, and we are at it again.   We are  growing a variety of vegetable crops for local wholesale distribution, primarily to Plainfield Coop and Hunger Mountain Coop.  Much of our crop land will be in soil building crops this year.  We are proud of our commitment to organic farming methods.  Organic farming is the best system for preventing nutrient runoff into our waterways, and it grows great tasting food.  Shop the coops, buy Littlewood Farm  produce, and help the the environment.IMG_0327

Mid June Report from Littlewood Farm

May just flew by , as always.  We had a great Spring Plant Sale.  Thanks to everyone who shopped here.  I hope I labeled all the pots correctly this year.   We have had excellent transplanting weather, which is another way to say it has been raining every 3  or 4 days.  Our long season crops are getting established and cultivated.  Timely spraying of approved organic pesticides are keeping insect damage within bounds.  Negotiations with the deer and woodchucks are ongoing.

Our inspiration
Our inspiration

Kale, ready to pick
Kale, ready to pick