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Jack O’Lanterns and Winter Squash for Sale

With the passing of the equinox, Fall is officially here and wow, did it make an entrance! Farmers and gardeners saw several nights of not just frost, but sustained freezing temperatures.  Tender crops were lost, meteorological records were broken, and all of us were given yet another data point in our conversations about the evolving climate.

While we are nervously trying to be patient with the ongoing drought conditions, the abundance of heat and sun this summer did allow us to grow a nice crop of mature pumpkins and squash before the freeze solid this past weekend,  We will have our Jack -O’-Lanterns out in front of our barn for $0.65/lb (Each pumpkin will be marked for your ease).  We are almost never too far from the barn and greenhouses this time of year, we will leave a cash box out during daylight hours for honor system purchases.

We are also offering winter squash in bulk for your storage.  With ideal dry, temperate conditions, squash can store for up to 6 months! While few of us have perfect places to store them, most homes can find a spot to keep you eating delicious squash into the new year – and they only get sweeter the longer you wait.  Pricing is $35/case with Buttercup, Kabocha, Sunshine, Acorn, and Butternut all available.  Call/Text/Email us to set up a time for these please.