Hot week, rainy week, busy week

Things are moving along quickly as always at Littlewood.  One hot sunburned week runs into a rainy week.  The plum blossoms become all we can think about and then just blow away.  The wind in one day cracks a plum limb clear off, felling a tree to puncture our irrigation and another to knock out everyone’s power on the road for an afternoon.  We’re putting seedlings out to field as fast as we can.  Up on the top bench we’ve got cabbage, kale, lettuce, potatoes, and chard already getting established.  Just yesterday Emily and I planted 3000 corn plants in the lower field and then today picked and shipped 100 pounds of spinach to Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington.  It almost makes me want to go to the hospital.  In other regards, the Spring Plant Sale continues for two more weeks, come on by.

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