Mid Summer Farm Chores

Never a lack of things to do.  We have been working hard, whenever the rains have relented, to mechanically cultivate and hand weed.  No point in letting the weeds take over.  Easier by far to get them out when thy are young.

Another important project has been to keep up with the application of approved organic pest controls to minimize crop damage from insects.  We always scout first, then use the correct product.  Many of  the sprays we use are bacterial diseases of insects.  Some just interfere with feeding of the insect, or make it hard for them to molt.  All for a better organically grown product.

We have had to go back over many plantings and replace plant nutrients that have been carried off by the rains.  Overall, our efforts have been sucessful, and we are delivering freshly picked kale and chard to Hunger Mountain Coop 3 times a week.

Cherry tomatoes and green peppers coming soon!

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