Late Winter (early Spring?) March 2014 Update

We are starting to come out from  hiding as the day length approaches 12 hours.  We have been busy ordering seeds, and will start heating a greenhouse this coming week.  Watch for a post with our 2014 Greenhouse Variety Listing coming up soon.  We will open for seedling sales in early May.

Our first seeding includes onions. leeks, celery, celeriac, and herbs.  It’s also time to start our earliest plantings of spinach, arugula, and lettuce mix to transplant into the ground in our greenhouses.  Several of them received new plastic covers last fall.  New poly makes a world of difference in light transmission, and we are expecting to see an big improvement in growth rates.

Other exciting news:  We finally closed with the Vermont Land Trust, and Littlewood is now a conserved farm.  We are very pleased to make this move towards our community being able to supply food for itself into the future.  See this link for more :

Littlewood Farm Conserved with Vermont Land Trust

Here is a link to a video promoting certified organic produce, featuring Joey and his unreconstructed Long Island accent:

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  1. Congratulations Joey and Betsy and the Plainfield community on conserving your farm land! Such vital work that you have been doing can continue on this precious land! Really nice video on the importance of organic agriculture, too! Thank you for your commitment to a healthy community.

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