Greenhouse Sale Opens Saturday, May 10th

Our greenhouse is filling up with plants for our neighbors’ gardens.  This is our 24th year at this.  It all started when people came by, trying to buy the plants I was starting for our farm crops.  It  seemed like a growing market, as more and more people caught on to the fun and satisfaction that comes from a good food garden in the back yard.  Growing from transplants just makes it that much easier, as you have a sturdy, right-sized plant, ahead of the weeds and the bugs.


Ready to go out now are pansies, onions, leeks, lettuce, swiss chard, and all the cabbage family.  The tomatoes , peppers, and other frost sensitive plants are sized to be ready to go out in another week or two.  Melons are not even up yet, as they don’t venture out  of doors until June.


The greenhouse is open  weekdays 4-6 pm, weekends 9 am to 2 pm.  Other times can be arranged with an email or a phone call.  Our sale continues through June 8th.  Hope to see you here .


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