Bulk Potatoes and the Future of Farming

We had the opportunity to attend the National Young Farmers Coalition’s annual convergence last week.  This was an incredible opportunity to meet our fellow farmers from around the country and learn more about the organization’s work and the future of agriculture.  Farms, though so central to our modern life, face unprecedented challenges moving  into the future and it is encouraging to see what can be accomplished when people unite there voices.  The up and coming generation of farmers is advocating for an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future that we are proud to contribute to whenever we can.  Needless to say, it was a welcome boost of inspiration as we enter the winter, when the farm hibernates, and you should check out youngfarmers.org.

We returned to a transformed Vermont – blanketed in snow, thoroughly frozen, and certain that our season in the field is over.  So now we will be tucking in greenhouses, plotting for next season, and selling off the last bags of potatoes.

If you are interested in putting away some medium sized, gold potatoes for the winter, we will be selling them in bulk $0.80/lb starting at 25lbs.  Call Kagen at 881-3240 if interested.


2 thoughts on “Bulk Potatoes and the Future of Farming”

  1. I am excited to learn about bulk products.
    where will I be able to find when they are available?

  2. Hi Cherie, we are excited for bulk sales this year as well! Is there anything in particular you are interested in? This website is the best place to keep an eye out and generally we have basil boxes and sauce tomatoes starting in august, processing peppers in september, and then kale for freezing, potatoes, and other storage roots available starting in late September.

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