Announcing the 2021 Littlewood Farm Seedling Sale

Greetings and happy spring from Littlewood Farm!

April has kicked us off to a roaring start this season with a streak of beautiful days for getting outside and getting plants going.  Our greenhouse is filling up quickly as plants take full advantage of the long sunny days.  While we were more than happy to do the same, we are grateful to finally have some overdue rain and a chance to put the word out about our upcoming plant sale!

We are excited to announce that we plan to allow in person shopping once again this year.  We will ask that visitors wear a face covering when shopping and respect each other’s space.  For those interested, we will continue to offer a pre-order option – simply reach out by phone, text, or email if you prefer shopping that way.   Opening day will be May 9th with hours from 9-2 every weekend and by appointment or chance during the week (we are never too far from the greenhouses this time of year!).   Check out the 2021  Seedling Sale page for more information on what varieties we are growing this year and please reach out with any questions as you start your garden planning!

Spring planting season is among the most hopeful times of year and it seems to go without saying that we are all ready for a fresh start.  With sunshine, a new year, and renewed optimism,  we find ourselves somewhere between ‘let plant just a little bit more’ and ‘are we biting off more than we can chew?’  This is nothing new for the vegetable grower and so we hope you will join us again this year in embracing the excitement, uncertainty, and love of growing your garden.



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