Summer Update

As our dear friend and regular helping hand on the farm, Ellen often says during weeks with weather like this: “if we stand still for just a second, we might just hear the plants growing.”  Temperatures have been high, sunshine has been plentiful, and while we are busied with the Sisyphean task of irrigating the plants, it does seem like they double in size every time they get a good drink of water.

Combining that with enormous enthusiasm for the 2021 Seedling Sale it is no wonder June has flown by in instant.  We hope that your gardens are getting everything they need and are taking off as we begin to enjoy a diversity of produce that grows more bountiful every week.  We want to express our gratitude for everyone that came out to buy some seedlings this year:  you not only provide early season support to our farm, but when planting a garden (however small), you are joining us in being a part of our  incredible, robust, localized food system.  There is richness and great community strength in the web of farms, neighbors, co-ops, and chefs that keep us all well fed.  Thank you.

We had a wonderful strawberry crop this year.  A heavy fruit set and minimal pressure from disease and pests led to an abundance of berry pints at the co-ops and markets, which has been cause for much excitement.  It seems that some deep part of our psychology is activated by these first red fruits of the season, coded into an old part of our visual perception that our nomadic ancestors developed for this very purpose of noticing the ripest fruits. Evolutionary theory aside, we are excitedly following the path of our more recent ancestors and cultivating another crop for next season.

Its not yet July, but the season has hit its stride and the sweet corn is definitely past knee high.  We are grateful every time another variety of produce hits our table and are looking forward to an increasingly crowded table of offerings at the Farmers Market.  The Plainfield Farmers Market runs every Friday from 4pm-7pm – hope to see you there.

Happy Summer – stay cool out there!

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