2019 Seedling Sale Varieties


Saturday, May 11, 2019


Monday-Friday, 4-6pm

Saturdays and Sundays, 9am – 2pm


Our seedling sale includes a whole host of veggie, flower and herb seedlings.  We’ve created a list of varieties here

** Note, some families are not yet ready to go outside with the risk of cold nights still high for the month of May.



Green Kale- Winterbor
Red Kale- Redbor
Red Russian Kale
Lacinato (“Dino Kale”)
Collard Greens- Flash

Early Green Cabbage- Farao
Storage Green Cabbage- Storage #4
Early Red Cabbage- Red Express
Storage Red Cabbage- Ruby Perfection
Napa Cabbage- Bilko

Broccoli- Belstar, Green Magic
Brussel Sprouts- Hestia, Dagan

Mustard Greens- Green Wave, Mizuna, Ruby Streaks, Tatsoi, Mix

Lettuce/ Greens:

Head Lettuce Mix Pack: Mirlo, Tropicana, New Red Fire
Baby Lettuce Mix- Encore Blend, Heirloom Blend


Slicer: Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, Big Beef,  Mtn Merit, Celebrity, Valley Girl, Jet Star
Heirloom: Valencia, Prudens Purple, Carbon, Gold Medal, Pink Brandywine, Green Zebra
Cherry: Sungold, SunSugar, Supersweet 100, Bartelly (limited)
Paste: Amish Paste, Grenadero, Plum Regal
Saladette: Juliet,  Valentine (limited) , Five Star Grape, Golden Sweet, Artisanal Tiger Mix (limited)

Sweet Pepper:

Green/ Red Bell: Ace, New Ace, King of the North
Orange Bell: Sweet Sunrise

Italian “Horn Type:” Carmen, Escamillo, Glow, Aura

Hot Peppers:

Jalapeno: Triunfo, Jedi
Habanero: Helios
Pablano: Bastan
Anaheim: Highlander
Cayenne: Red Flame, Bulgarian Carrot

Serrano: Hot Rod

Chilies: Garden Salsa, Super Chili


Italian: Esterella A1014, Nadia, Dancer, Beatrice
Asian: Orient Express, Dairyu

Peas– Super Sugar Snap


Cilantro: Leisure
Dill: Bouquet
Parsley, Curly: Wega
Parsley, Flat: Giant of Italy
Sage, Common
Thyme: German Winter
Oregano, Greek
Lavender: Munstead


Red: Red Wing
Yellow: Patterson
Shallots: Conservor

Sweet: Zoey

Leeks: King Richard, King Seig


Watermelon: Sangria, Sureness, Black Tail Mountain
Musk Melon: Halona

Summer Squash:

Zucchini: Dunja, Costada
Summer Squash: Success PM

Winter Squash:

Butternut: Butter Boy Waltham, Honey nut
Buttercup: Bon Bon
Acorn: Honeybear
Delicata: Honeyboat

Sunshine Kabocha

Jack-O-Lantern: Racer


Sunflowers- Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear, Hopi Black Dye
Marigolds- Brocade, Tangerine Gem, Lemon Gem
Calendula- Resina
Bachelors Button- Blue Boy, Mix
Aster- Crego Mix, Princess Mix
Zinnia- Jazzy Mix, Gold Medal Mix, County Fair Blend
Cosmos- Sensation Blend
Poppy- Flemish, Shirley Double
Larkspur- Blue Spire, Imperial
Chamomile- German
Anise Hyssop
Morning Glory- Flying Saucers, Heavenly Blue, Kniolas Purple

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