2019 Seedling Sale Varieties



The 2019 Seedling Sale is Closed.  We hope everyone’s gardens are growing wonderfully!  Be sure to check back in the Spring for information on the 2020 Seedling Sale.



Our seedling sale includes a whole host of veggie, flower and herb seedlings.  We’ve created a list of varieties here

** Note, some families are not yet ready to go outside with the risk of cold nights still high for the month of May.



Green Kale- Winterbor
Red Kale- Redbor
Red Russian Kale
Lacinato (“Dino Kale”)
Collard Greens- Flash

Early Green Cabbage- Farao
Storage Green Cabbage- Storage #4
Early Red Cabbage- Red Express
Storage Red Cabbage- Ruby Perfection
Napa Cabbage- Bilko

Broccoli- Belstar, Green Magic
Brussel Sprouts- Hestia, Dagan

Mustard Greens- Green Wave, Mizuna, Ruby Streaks, Tatsoi, Mix

Lettuce/ Greens:

Head Lettuce Mix Pack: Mirlo, Tropicana, New Red Fire
Baby Lettuce Mix- Encore Blend, Heirloom Blend


Slicer: Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, Big Beef,  Mtn Merit, Celebrity, Valley Girl, Jet Star
Heirloom: Valencia, Prudens Purple, Carbon, Gold Medal, Pink Brandywine, Green Zebra
Cherry: Sungold, SunSugar, Supersweet 100, Bartelly (limited)
Paste: Amish Paste, Grenadero, Plum Regal
Saladette: Juliet,  Valentine (limited) , Five Star Grape, Golden Sweet, Artisanal Tiger Mix (limited)

Sweet Pepper:

Green/ Red Bell: Ace, New Ace, King of the North
Orange Bell: Sweet Sunrise

Italian “Horn Type:” Carmen, Escamillo, Glow, Aura

Hot Peppers:

Jalapeno: Triunfo, Jedi
Habanero: Helios
Pablano: Bastan
Anaheim: Highlander
Cayenne: Red Flame, Bulgarian Carrot

Serrano: Hot Rod

Chilies: Garden Salsa, Super Chili


Italian: Esterella A1014, Nadia, Dancer, Beatrice
Asian: Orient Express, Dairyu

Peas– Super Sugar Snap


Cilantro: Leisure
Dill: Bouquet
Parsley, Curly: Wega
Parsley, Flat: Giant of Italy
Sage, Common
Thyme: German Winter
Oregano, Greek
Lavender: Munstead


Red: Red Wing
Yellow: Patterson
Shallots: Conservor

Sweet: Zoey

Leeks: King Richard, King Seig


Watermelon: Sangria, Sureness, Black Tail Mountain
Musk Melon: Halona

Summer Squash:

Zucchini: Dunja, Costada
Summer Squash: Success PM

Winter Squash:

Butternut: Butter Boy Waltham, Honey nut
Buttercup: Bon Bon
Acorn: Honeybear
Delicata: Honeyboat

Sunshine Kabocha

Jack-O-Lantern: Racer


Sunflowers- Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear, Hopi Black Dye
Marigolds- Brocade, Tangerine Gem, Lemon Gem
Calendula- Resina
Bachelors Button- Blue Boy, Mix
Aster- Crego Mix, Princess Mix
Zinnia- Jazzy Mix, Gold Medal Mix, County Fair Blend
Cosmos- Sensation Blend
Poppy- Flemish, Shirley Double
Larkspur- Blue Spire, Imperial
Chamomile- German
Anise Hyssop
Morning Glory- Flying Saucers, Heavenly Blue, Kniolas Purple

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