2017 Seedling Sale Varieties


Saturday, May 6, 2017


Wednesday-Friday, 4-6pm

Saturdays and Sundays, 9am – 2pm


Our seedling sale includes a whole host of veggie, flower and herb seedlings.  We’ve created a list of variety descriptions for the vegetables that we get the most questions about.  This includes eggplants, melons, tomatoes and peppers, for which we have many different varieties.  There are a lot of choices and we hope this list will help you pick out the best watermelon, hot pepper and/or cherry tomato for your garden!

This information is also available as a PDF Here.

*Variety: (F1) indicates a hybrid variety made from crossing two open-pollinated varieties.  Hybrid are often (but not always) more productive but their seed cannot be saved with consistent results.

*Source of seed: FEDCO, HM – High Mowing, JSS – Johnny’s Selected Seeds,  TT – Totally Tomatoes, Seedway

*Description: For tomatoes: Det. – Determinate, “bush” variety does not need pruning, can be trellised or not and fruit ripens within a concentrated period of time. Ind. – Indeterminate, “climbing” variety needs pruning and to be staked or caged, fruits ripens over an extended period.

Variety* Source* Days to Maturity Description*
Eggplant Galine (F1) FEDCO 72 Large, black Italian-style fruit.
A1014 (F1) Seedway 55 New, super-early Italian
Beatrice (F1) JSS 65 Round, bright violet “globes” with mild, creamy taste
Dairyu (F1) Seedway 57 Long, slender, dark purple fruits on thornless plants.
Orient Express (F1) JSS 58 Asian-type, long, slender, tender fruits
Sunshine (F1) JSS 75 Yellow flesh; 8-10lb fruits
New Orchid (F1) JSS 80 Yellow flesh; 7-9 lb. fruits
Yellow Doll (F1) Seedway 68 Great tasting, 5lb.
Moon & Stars FEDCO 100 Organic seed; pink flesh; green skin with yellow spots
New Queen (F1) TSC 80 Orange flesh; few seeds. 5-6lbs.
Melons – Honeydew & Musk Hannah’s Choice (F1) FEDCO 87 Large orange-fleshed muskmelon
Athena (F1) FEDCO 80 Muskmelon with orange flesh
White Honey (F1) FEDCO 80 Honeydew; productive with ivory-colored flesh
Peppers – Bell New Ace (F1) FEDCO 50 – grn, 70 – red Classic bell, very productive
Lady Bell (F1) TSC 71, grn–>red Large elongated bell
Gourmet TSC 85, grn–>orange Large bell with bright color
Flavorburst (F1) Seedway 72, grn–>gold Large bell with sweet taste
Peppers – Horn-shaped Carmen (F1) JSS 60 – grn, 80 – red Long, horn-shaped, sweet fruits, great for stuffing
Antohi (Romanian) JSS 53 – yllw, 78 – red Eastern European frying pepper, tapered fruits
Peppers- Hot             most mild — hottest Highlander(F1) JSS 65 – grn, 85 – red Anaheim-type ‘warm’ pepper.  Great for roasting
Hungarian Hot Wax JSS 58 -yllw, 83 – red Very productive, thick-fleshed, pretty and hot
Baron (F1) Ancho JSS 65 days productive, mildly hot
Jalafuego JSS 70 days Late, high yield jalapeño
Garden Salsa (F1) TT 73, grn–>red Long chili with good disease resistance
Red Rocket JSS 65 – grn, 85 – red 5-6″ long, tapered “chiles”.  Great for drying.
Devil Seedway 55 grn, 75 red Early Serrano, with 3″ smooth fruits
Hot Paper Lantern JSS 70 grn, 90 red Habenero
Super Chili (F1) TT 75, yllw–>red Small, bushy plant with hot chili fruits
Ho Chi Minh FEDCO 68, yllw –> red 4-5″ long, tapered; very hot and prolific.
Hot Paper Lantern JSS 70  grn, 90 red 3-4″ long wrinkled, lantern-shaped fruits on tall plants. Blistering heat.
Tomatoes – Hybrids
Celebrity (F1) JSS 72 Det. Vigorous, flavorful, medium-large fruit
Mountain Merit (F1) JSS 75 Det. Blight resistant, AAS Winner
Valley Girl (F1) JSS 65 Det. Very productive, medium-sized long-season fruits
Big Beef (F1) JSS 70 Ind.Large red globes, early for size
New Girl JSS 62 Ind. improved Early Girl
Tomatoes – Heirloom & Open Pollinated Brandywine FEDCO 82 Ind. Large, pink, flavorful fruits
Cherokee Purple FEDCO 77 Ind. Brown-purple skin; rich, sweet, dark-red flesh
Cosmonaut Volkov HM 68 Ind. Sweet, rich flavor, 8-10 oz.Red
Tie Dye FEDCO 68 new heirloom type, good flavor and size
Prudens Purple FEDCO 72 Ind. Early slicer with silky texture
Ruby Gold FEDCO 90 Ind. Huge, red-streaked yellow fruits with smooth, sweet taste
Tomatoes – Cherry & Grape Super Sweet 100 (F1) JSS 60 Ind.,prolific red cherry
5-Star (F1) JSS 62 Ind. Firm, meaty, crack-resistant red grape
Golden Sweet (F1) JSS 60 Ind., yellow grape
Sun Gold (F1) JSS 57 Ind.  Intense, sweet orange cherry tom.
Sun Sugar (F1) TT 62 Ind. crack resistant orange cherry
Tomatoes – Paste & Sauce Juliet (F1) JSS 60 Ind, 2 oz. plum, great vigor and flavor
Plum Regal (F1) Seedway Det. Red plum with late blight resistance
Amish Paste FEDCO 85 Ind.  Large meaty “oxheart” heirloom

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