Virtual Farmers’ Market

*New Bulk Items This Week!*


While the Plainfield Farmers’ Market is on hiatus in response to Covid-19 restrictions, we remain committed to offering direct produce sales to our community through local front porch delivery!

Here is how it will work:

Every Thursday we will update our availability on this page.  Look through the availability below and then  give us a call/text at (802) 881-3240, or email

*We are discontinuing sales through the square store for the moment due to minimal interest, fees and general tediousness

Friday afternoon, we will pick all of the orders fresh and set out for front porch delivery at 5pm. Leave cash or a check (made out to Blackbird Organics) in an obvious place at drop-off point and let us know any details you can about drop-off.  We are asking for a $15 minimum order. Please, please, please do not hesitate to call with questions/concerns/etc!

This week’s availability (as of July 13th) is:

Cherry Tomatoes $5/ Pint

Sugar Snap Peas $4/pint

Kale $3/bunch – Green, Purple, Lacinato (Dino), or Russian

Green Cabbage $2.5/ head

*sale* Cucumbers $1.25 each or 4 for $4
– Bulk amount available, $15 for 10# (10# is somewhere around 14-18 cukes) get a head start on canning!

Collard Greens $3/bunch

Rainbow Swiss Chard $3/ bunch

Salad Mix $5/Bag (Half Pound)

Head Lettuce $2.5/head (Green Leaf, Red Leaf, or Butterhead)

Carrots $3/bunch

Scallions $3/bunch – Japanese varietal “Nabechan”

Dill $3/bunch

Parsley $3/bunch

Basil $3/bunch
-Bulk basil is coming in in limited quantities, call to get on the list. $25 for a bushel box (approximately 4 lbs) $15 for a half bushel.

Raspberries $2.50/ half pint,  $24 for a full flat (12 half pints).
– While the summer raspberries have nice raspberry flavor they are fairly tart this season. Excellent for processing into jam, pies or freezing for the winter.


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