Spring has arrived at Littlewood!

Spring has finally started creeping in on Littlewood Farm.  Along with the geese returning our way, the slow-arriving vernal weather has brought Emily and Pete back from their migratory California experience to join the farm.  This week we’ve been very busy starting seeds for the annual Littlewood Plant Sale coming up next month.  Stay tuned for info on the great variety of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, brassicas, flowers, and way more that we’ll be retailing next month.  In the meantime we’ll be busily eating the over-wintered spinach that has got to be the downright sweetest spinach I’ve ever tasted.  Check for it at Hunger Mountain soon.

Thanks for a Great Season!

With the snow and the below-freezing nights here at Littlewood, our season is winding down.  Justin and Ansel are moving on for the winter and are so thankful to all the great customers and the Klein family for a great season.

The farm continues to sell Butternut squash and cabbage to Hunger Mountain Coop and Farm to Table.


Sweet and ripe!

August seems to have barely arrived and we’re already looking to September.  Our wholesale orders for kale, chard, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, corn and more continue steadily.  The unseasonably dry weather has meant that we’re lugging irrigation pipe all over the farm when we’re not harvesting.  We want to send a special thanks out to all our farmers’ market customers who join us every week in Barre and Plainfield, we’ve been having a great time at the markets and it’s so nice to share the joy of tasty, beautiful produce with you all.  Thanks!


Fabulous colors!
Justin talking to customers in Plainfield
squash, daikon, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets and more!
Irrigation in the mid fields


Reports from the Field: the end of June

As you can probably tell from the lack of updating, these past couple of weeks have been very busy here at Littlewood.

PYO Strawberries have come and gone.  Thanks to everyone who come out to pick!  It took a lot of work to prepare and run PYO and the whole Klein family made it happen.  Strawberries coincided with a long, hot week of weeding as well.  We had great help from Emlyn, Elsa, Amanda and Annie with weeding, picking for orders and farmers’ markets and trellising in the greenhouses.

Lots of new veggies have started to ripen in the past couple of weeks.  We’ve been bringing early broccoli, garlic scapes as well as snap, snow and shell peas to market.  Soon our summer squash will be ready and new potatoes are coming down the line as well.  Tomatoes are green and getting bigger every day!  There are lots of little peppers in the field!

cherry tomatoes
and slicers!








This week has seen Littlewood ramping up its wholesale sales too.  Cases of kale, collards, and swiss chard have been heading out to Farm to Table, Hunger Mountain and Plainfield Coops.  Through Farm to Table, our produce is getting into the kitchens of Central Vermont Medical Center and onto the plates of patients and visitors there.

In the midst of all this production, we’re also seeding and transplanting our fall kales, broccoli, Bok Choi and other Asian greens and chard.  Weeding remains a never-ending task as we continue to care for our crops in the field.  On the docket for the coming weeks are trellising the tomatoes in the greenhouses, harvesting the rest of the garlic scapes, getting our field tomatoes staked and trellised, scouting for pests… etc.  July, here we come!

Greenhouse #4


PYO strawberries Closed

We closed yesterday, June 23rd 2012. We got some calls today saying that this website said picking is open, sorry for the confusion. The berries are finished for the year.

For those still interested in PYO strawberries we suggest they visit LeGare’s.  They have very big fields and they may still have berries.  They also did not spray their berries this year.

Thank you all!


Strawberries in Barre today!

Barre Farmers’ Market today


On the Green

Today from Littlewood Farm: Fresh, organic strawberries; rhubarb; lettuce heads and leaf lettuce; spinach; the first snap peas; kale; rainbow chard; collard greens; and, amazingly, fantastic asparagus!

The weather is going to be great!  Music by jazz guitar duo Miles and Murphy! See you there!

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