The 2020 season or “Produce in the Time of Covid-19”

“Rely on your community and your community comes through” was the hopeful refrain running through my mind last night as I fell asleep, accompanied by a dramatic swell of classical music that Kagen insists on currently playing in the background of our days.

Hello to all.  There’s really nothing to say about these unprecedented times that wouldn’t be an understatement. Despite the need to take some creative measures, our 2020 farming season is underway! Rest assured we are still planning on growing the same amount of quality produce and bedding seedlings as in years past. We are taking care to keep ourselves unexposed to Covid-19 and are especially grateful for the Plainfield Co-op’s curbside pickup of groceries service.  At this time we are not encouraging any visitors or volunteers on the farm property.

Our full Bedding Plant Sale will still be happening, albeit in a different format. As of now we are brainstorming some sort of no-contact “curbside” pickup system. A full list of offerings will be regularly updated on our website, orders will be placed by phone or email, and pickup of plants will be by appointment. We will continue to update everyone as we flush out the idea more fully.

On a brighter note, our spring spinach crop is looking lush in the hoophouses! You can find it for yourself (over the phone of course) at the Plainfield Co-op, along with our lettuce mix and, starting next week, cilantro!

Stay safe, Stay healthy, and Stay home! We are appreciating the simplicity of home cooked meals in the yurt, and continuing to enjoy the bounty of last years harvest (beans, beans, and more beans!) combined with the tender greens of spring.

We are so impressed and inspired by the way Vermont businesses and communities have acted so quickly and innovatively to adapt to this current reality. Be it the our educators adapting to new technologies, farmers and farmers markets coming up with safer ways to disseminate local products, or distilleries switching gears to produce much needed supplies. When the global or even national chain of supply begins to degrade, the resiliency of small community shines through.

We will continue to be in touch!

Kagen and Elise.



2 thoughts on “The 2020 season or “Produce in the Time of Covid-19””

  1. Your gold potatoes last fall, from Plainfield Coop, were yummy!
    Looking forward to seeing website list of plants for sale this spring (?), and your ‘new’ system for ordering by phone or email.

  2. Hello to all
    In this baffling time, I love you all
    Esteem your one’s nearest and friends

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