Littlewood Farm Annual Seedling Sale ’22 Opens May 7th

We are thrilled to officially announce detail of the 2022 Littlewood Farm Seedling Sale! We will be opening and operating as usual, beginning Mothers’ Day weekend. Operating hours will be Saturday and Sundays from 9am-2pm, with weekday shopping 4-6pm and by appointment (need something quick? have a weekday that works best for you? Don’t hesitate to give us a quick call/text  we are usually not too far from the greenhouses).  Please note, we are respectfully asking that visitors leave pets at home – thank you in advance. We will have many of the same favorite varieties from years past and some  new additions as well.  Check out the “2022 Seedling Sale” page on this website for a full list of this years varieties.  We look forward to seeing you, hearing about your garden plans for the season, and helping you bring them to life.

Meanwhile, out in the production houses and fields, our overwintered spinach has been prolific this year. It seems the soil balancing and composting last fall has really inspired the plants to put out some great work in the form of deep green, flavorful leaves, which we have been enjoying with just about every meal. The strawberries have awoken from their winter slumber and are beginning to stretch out over the straw into nicely matted rows. Lush rye-grass and vetch are doing wonders to prepare fields for summer plantings and I find myself already tempted to plant always ‘just one more row.’

We are happy to have hired some wonderful people this year to help us keep up with those extra rows as we gear up for a busy market season. We will be vending at Waterbury Farmer’s Market every Thursday, Plainfield Farmers Market every Friday, and Montpelier Market every Saturday morning. You can start finding us at the Montpelier market towards the end of May and the other two beginning in June. Until then, look for us at Plainfield Coop, Hunger Mtn Coop, and Fox Market. Soon enough, we will see you at the plant sale.

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